”American classic” pre 312

Preamp with discrete op amps.

Transformers coupled in/out.

Great on drums/acoustic instruments, percussions, electric guitar, electric bass  (d.i.)

Available in 500 format, mono/2/4 and 8 channels.

500 api format:

Mono/half rack:

2 channels:

4 channels:

8 channels:

In this version we added an output control to dial with preamp saturation.

Uk ’70 pre – preamp ’73

Most famous class A mic preamp.

Transformers coupled in/out

Great on vocals, acoustic insturments, percussions, guitars and electric bass  (d.i.)

Available in half rack-mono, 2 or 4 channels.

Mono/half rack:

2 channels:

4 channels:

Clean Channel:

The new generation of mic preamps designed by Side-b Studio.

Derisory Noise Floor, 60dB of pure gain and totally flat frequency response.

Great on complex soundfields, acoustic instruments and percussions.

A magnifying glass placed on every soundfield for an accurate and authentic reproduction.

Available as mono-half rack format/2 channels/4 channels/8 channels.

Customizations: to add more options to Clean Channel we can put an optional transformer output or a Class A parallel output in order to record both and choose later during editing/mixing your favourite colour.

Mono/half rack:

2 channels version:

4 channels version:

8 channels versions/custom:

Germanium preamp:

The famous germanium transistor preamp to capture with an incredible colour and tone your performance.

TG2 preamp:

Another discrete preamp that enhance details with an historical tone your precious recordings.

RCA BA2 tube preamp with original RCA tubes
An historical all tube preamp with incredible warmth and detail.

Preamp circuit built PTP, NOS RCA tube until stock last, UTM transformers.