Custom mastering console

Our mastering console let you to connect your favourite outboard with the pressure of a switch or a chain of outboards without the need to reconnect them every time.

Also it let you to exchange the order of the single connected outboards (“swap”).

Its conceived as a sort of dynamic patchbay and the available options are:

  • m/s internal matrix to let you use outboards in the chain in mid/side mode instead of left-right
  • insert with dry/wet control on a selected outboard, a couple or the entire chain
  • metering with analog or digital meters
  • you can choose to integrate high-pass or low-pass filters and elliptic filters

Vinyl cutting 4 channels console

4 channels with INPUT and OUTPUT stepped controls, internal M/S matrix with 4 channels inserts, HPF and LPF filters, EE77 elliptic filters


Recapping and restoring services of vintage studio gear.

The first item that is damaged with age are the electrolytic capacitors used in the power supply stage and often as essential elements of decoupling, for which at critical points where it passes the audio signal (input stages, for ex.).

In the past electrolytic capacitors were often used close to their maximum point of work, subjecting them to continuous efforts and inevitably damaging.

We realize custom racking service of preamps, EQs and vintage modules.

Quotes on request and depends on the customer’s choices: type of graphics  (silkscreen, hand written, engraved), hardware, knobs…

Some example of customizations on our products here:


TRIDENT 80 series

Harrison 32c vintage

Electrodyne 711L and Universal Audio 1108 preamps racked

LOMO YP-27 tube preamp

Studer 961 channel strips

Others vintage and modern modules

Custom studer based summing mixer plus NTP plasma meter:

Custom racked vintage Studer preamps:

Custom racked vintage modules:

Custom processors, saturators, summing mixers:

Custom precision meter bridge with meter attenuator:

Custom monitor controllers: