Side-b Studio was founded in 2005 as recording studio with custom built processors and microphones.

Very soon friends and colleagues asked us to repair and build outboards and microphones for their studios and Side-b Studio line grew since 2010, becoming a reference point in Italy and in Europe for clones of vintage studio gear and microphones, modding/ upgrading and custom racking works.

To meet the needs in the studio we started our original designs of preamps, summing mixers, dynamic processors, splitters, D.I. and reamp boxes and our mastering console and other studio utilities like monitor controller, mid/side matrix and parallel processors and so on.
In 2016 we started working at Side-b Studio 2.0 and now we offer in the same location a recording and post-production studio (with 24 square meters control room and 22 square meters live room) and, of course, our workshop.

Everything is made in Tuscany – Italy and hand-made, with a lot of passion and constant attention to detail.