Neumann v475 summing mixer

Summing mixer built around Neumann v475 card.

We test and restore and recap every card and we remove components that limits the bandwith of the cards, originally used for broadcast applications.

On request summing mixer with 8, 16, 24, 32 channels.


  • Passive mod: with this mod you can use every external preamp to make-up the passive sum of the input summing network
  • Insert: with this option you have a switchable insert to connect to the summing mixer a stereo compressor, an eq or an analogue outboards chain and activate them with a simple switch.
  • Mono/Stereo: with this option selected channels works in couple as stemsĀ  (for stereo signals) or in MONO for signals like vocals, kick drum, snare drum, bass.





Custom summing mixers

On request we build active or passive summing mixers with various make-up stagesĀ  (in API, SSL, NEVE style).


Custom solid state 9000 summing stage plus bus compressor: