”American classic” pre 312

Preamp with discrete op amps.

Transformers coupled in/out.

Great on drums/acoustic instruments, percussions, electric guitar, electric bass  (d.i.)

Available in 2/4 and 8 channels.

2 channels:

4 channels:

8 channels:

In this version we added an output control to dial with preamp saturation.


Uk ’70 pre – preamp ’73

Most famous class A mic preamp.

Transformers coupled in/out.  (Carnhill ).

Great on vocals, acoustic insturments, percussions, guitars and electric bass  (d.i.)

Available in 2 or 4 channels.

2 channels:

4 channels:

Clean Channel:

The new generation of mic preamps designed by Side-b Studio.

Derisory Noise Floor, 60dB of pure gain and totally flat frequency response.

Great on complex soundfields, acoustic instruments and percussions.

A magnifying glass placed on every soundfield for an accurate and authentic reproduction.

4 channels version: