Mod/upgrade Behringer ADA8000/ADA8200

Behringer ADA8000 is one of the best 8-channel soluction with a great value for money on the market.

The weak point of ADA 8000 are TL074 opamps, stock preamps and cheap chinese electrolitic caps.

We realizes various mods, including bypass of preamps transforming ADA8000 into a great 8-channel ADAT converter or the substitution of TL074 opamps with fast and high level opamps and recapping the unit with audio-grade caps.

The impact of these mods is shocking!

Mod Golden Age Project pre73

Golden Age Project pre73 is an exact replica of the famous preamp Neve 1073.

The first mod involves the replacement of all capacitors in the signal with audio-grade capacitors.

This mod has a big impact on the sound quality of the preamp.

The second modification brings the Golden Age to the level of the original with the replacement of stock transformers with Carnhill transformers.

Mod Golden Age Project comp54

Golden Age Project comp54 is a replica of the compressor Neve 2254.

As in the case of pre73 the big difference is in the transformers used: in mk2 version the mod provides for the replacement of the stock transformers with Carnhill transformers.


MICS mods:

On request we realize mods on mics like Aphex 460 or Oktava mk012 to bring them to an higher level or at the level of the original that inspired them (like the AKG C12, in the case of Aphex).

Mods regards changes or the entire substitution of the circuit, of the capsule or the transformer.

Quotes on request.



Custom mods on vintage and modern units available upon request.

This is a custom output stage for a vintage UREI eq with Ed Anderson transformers and 2520DOA:


We added an output pad to WA12 to dial with preamp saturation:


ORBAN vintage eq recapped and modded: