Bus compressor  – solid state VCA

Replica of the well known solid state VCA bus compressor.

On request we have original DBX black e gold cans VCAs for a faithful reproduction of the original circuit.

Standard version:

  • Ratio 1.5:1 added to “standard” 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1
  • Active internal sidechain filter plus stereo external access
  • Quad vca design
  • Additional BLEND control for PARALLEL COMPRESSION

Custom units:

Fet classic compressor 76

We made our custom pcbs for the classic FET compressor.

We added more ratios to original and we added a HPF to the sidechain.

Dual mono/stereo FET classic compressor

La2a optical tube compressor

Optical tube compressor.

Faithful reproduction point-to-point of the 1968’ original.

Tubes: 12AX7 (x2); 12BH7; 6AQ5A

Transformers: Sowter/Edcor/Lundahl  (upon request )

La3a optical solid state compressor

Faithful reproduction of La3a with same components of original.

New features added like the classic mod to reduce overall noise and a very useful selector to let it react more to high frequency material.

MONO or DUAL MONO versions:

Variable mu tube compressor

Dual mono/stereo vari-mu tube compressor.

Compression is achieved re-biasing input triode.

Normal controls  (pots ) or stepped for an easy recall in mastering.

Transformers Lundahl/Sowter/Raoli  (upon request)

Tubes: 6BZ7, 12AT7, 6AL5

Sta Level tube compressor

Point to point faithful reproduction of the original circuit.

Rm58 limiter 

Custom built years ago. Faithful reproduction of the original circuit built with our custom designed pcbs.

NTP 179-400 limiters

Classic eurocards limiters.